New SLR: Pentax K-X!

My old SLR (Pentax IST-DL) died a few months ago and I finally bought a new one. I did alot of research and came down to three cameras:

I wanted something affordable and preferably compatible with my Sigma 70-300 lens I already owned. I decided on the Pentax K-x because of good reviews, good price, and most importantly its amazing ISO performance. Whatever the Pentax engineers did is amazing because short of going full frame pro  SLR, there is no camera on the market that can beat the K-x’s ISO.  I got a White one …

I took a few sample shots to see how it performs under low light, fast exposures, and macro settings.  They seem to be pretty good for this little SLR.


Europe Trip

I had a chance to take a trip to Berlin, Germany & Prague, Czech Republic a few weeks. It was my first trip anywhere in Europe! It was amazing to see how different the two cities are. Berlin is very modern & relatively young while Prague has some of the oldest free standing buildings in all of Europe.

Here’s an example of how different it is … scroll to the end to vote on your opinion!


Somewehre near Friedrichstraße

Somewehre near Friedrichstraße


Old Prague Square

Old Prague Square

For those who have been to both cities, which did you like better? Why?