Quick Tip: (Un)Installing Apps on Google Glass

Installing new apps (or removing) them from Google Glass doesn’t require you to use the ADT IDE. You can use a few simple command lines via ADB (Android Debug Bridge) to install/uninstall APKs.

Here’s the simple steps:

  1. Plug in your device. Ensure Debug mode is turned on. Install the USB Drivers for the device. See this post if you need help installing USB Drivers for Glass.
  2. Open a command prompt. CD into / Browse to where you installed the ADB tool kit. Its in [ADT Install Dir]/sdk/platform-tools/
  3. Place the APK you wish to install into the same directory as the ADB.exe.
  4. To install any APK, just type: ‘adb install [APK Filename.apk]‘. You should see some status messages and finally ‘Success’.
  5. Once the APK is installed, you can check the package status by using: ‘adb shell pm list packages‘. You should see a listing of all installed packages, listed by Java package. Look for your package. For example, if your project was written in the ‘com.test’ you should see it in the list.
  6. To uninstall any APK, type adb uninstall [package name]. Example: ‘adb uninstall com.test’.

A note:

  • You can’t install a package on top of one that already exists. So to update a package on Glass, you want to uninstall and then install. There’s no ‘reinstall’ or ‘update’ if you are using this command line method.

That’s it!


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