Apple iPad2

So I bought the iPad2 on release day … I picked up a Black 32 GB WiFi model. I walked into the Reston Target and there was pretty much no line. The Reston Apple store had something like 300 people there!

iPad 2

I didn’t buy the iPad 1 so I don’t have any comparisons to make 🙂

I’ve been using the newest model for about a month now and here are some thoughts:

  • Usage: Its primarily a media consumption device. Reading the news, watching movies, looking at photos are all superb on this device. Some of the best Apps are Netflix, USA Today, and
  • Weight/form factor: Its very comfortable to hold and use on a daily basis. I find it the most useful on the bed or sofa. Its still a little too heavy to hold for more than 25-30 minutes without some kind of support for your arms.
  • Screen: Viewing angle is incredibly good.  There is almost no situation where this has been an issue. Brightness is awesome.  However, It still suffers the same issues as the iPhone 4 does in bright sunlight.
  • Battery: They say ~10 hours and they mean it. I recharge every 3-4 days and easily get 10+ hours regardless of what I’m doing on it. Pretty impressive. Full charge time takes about 4 hours.
  • Unexpected things: Two really cool Applications are WebEx and Join Me. These allow you to attend virtual meetings directly on the iPad. Really awesome for those in Consulting and IT!
  • Value: $500 ($630 for my model) is no cheap investment. Especially when you can’t replace a laptop for most people.  Nobody needs this device. But if you want a tablet – this is the best thing there is on the market. Andriod tablets don’t come close. Not in battery, performance, or applications.

iPad 2


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